Coaching team

Coaching team

The volunteer coaching team, plan, deliver and provide support for all your training sessions and welcome any queries - its what we love the most :)

We are ALWAYS looking for new coaches and are fully comitted to support you on your coaching journey: whatever that may be. If you are interested then please do contact your head coach.

Besides! Volunteering makes you feel good about yourself - why not give it a go...


Jay Love: Head coach

Why do you coach:  I started triathlon back in 2010. I had spent a number of years coaching youngsters for an athletics club, and then started coaching the track sessions for Ntri in 2017.

I have had some amazing experiences racing for Ntri and met some very inspirational people along the way.  I love seeing an athlete complete a goal they have set not thinking they could ever achieve it. Whether it’s someone finishing their first 5km. Or an athlete winning an Ironman.

Likes: Bikes and anything to do with bikes

Dislikes:  Olives

Adrian Homer: Swim coach, Open water coach

BTF Triathlon coach level 1, BTF Open Water coach

Why do you coach:  I have been a competitive swimmer since I was young, and it’s how I entered into triathlon, initially as the swimmer for a work relay team in the London Triathlon, as loads volunteered to run and bike, but not to swim!  After several years competing I decided to help out on the poolside to try and give something back.

My best claim to fame was equalling the swim time of Jenson Button in the docks, and then beating him whilst competing in his own event a couple of times (just the swim though!)  

Since then I have been honing my running speed with my dog, Ludo which will hopefully put me in a good place at the Club Relays later in 2020.

Likes: Getting out of the water first / local events

Dislikes:  Getting lost on the bike (see likes) 😂

Val Bridges: Swim coach

BTF Triathlon coach level 1

Why do you coach: Started coaching to give something back and coached the new Junior section for several years before scaling back a little to "just" the Wednesday adult swim. I get a tremendous buzz from helping relatively new swimmers to improve, as I still remember how atrocious I was and how I came to love swimming once I'd mastered the technique.

Likes:  Being active, anything "crafty", spreadsheets, bell ringing and chocolate cake !

Dislikes:  shellfish

Andrew Thompson: Track coach

BTF Triathlon coach level 3

Why do you coach:  Injury! A 12 month halt to training gave me time to get into coaching as a way of staying involved with the club. I found being engaged with other's training was as enjoyable as my own participation. I went on to do the the Level 3 course in order to be able to support the club's athletes better. 

Likes: The buzz before a race start.

Dislikes:  looking back to when I was actually reasonably fit...

Steve Jones: Swim coach

BTF Triathlon coach level 1

Why do you coach:  I started taking part in triathlons around six years ago and became a member of Ntri not long after. Knowing that everyone involved is giving up their free time to help each other out I wanted to be a part of that and to give something back to the club which has taught me so much already.

Likes: Strength training Short races Pushing my body to its limits Marmite

Dislikes:  The hurt from pushing my body to its limits, Long races, but I still do them (see above) Bananas

Stephen Dransfield: Run coach

BTF Triathlon coach level 2

Why do you coach:  



Guy Bailey: Ride lead

What got you involved: I had been attending the club rides on a regular basis and just sort of fell into helping out as i live nearby and I know the roads and routes the club uses very well. I’m an experienced cyclist and it’s good to pass on what I have picked up over the last few years and help provide a ride for those not quite ready to step up to the fast group.

Likes: Races near where I live!

Dislikes:  Headwinds!!

Stavros Carayannis: support coach

BTF triathlon coach level 1, 

Why do you coach:  To give something back to the club that has help me improve over the years. 

Likes: Shorter races which don't take up my whole Sunday

Dislikes:  Running past my rack spot in transition (which I've done far too often!)

Adrian Cherry: support coach

BTF triathlon coach level 1, RLSS OWL

Why do you coach:  Did my BTF Level 1 Coaching so that i could put something back into the club. I wasn't sure that i would actually enjoy it, but soon found out I love to be part of a great coaching team delivering challenging sessions to members who really want to improve their performances.  

Likes: Beating Steve Holloway

Dislikes:  Finding my bike in transistion and reminders of backward vest day

Adrian Jelley: Junior Head Coach

BTF triathlon coach level  2 , British Athletics Coach in Running Fitness , British Athletics Event Group Coach Endurance Running 

Why do you coach:  I became a Triathlete and then Coach because of my daughters love of the sport. She was one of the first members of the Junior section of Ntri and continued through until she left to go off to University. While standing on the side-lines watching I was invited to help, and found I really enjoyed it. When an athlete progresses, whether over a training block on in a single moment of epiphany it is very rewarding.

Likes:  Long Runs 

Dislikes:  Swimming in a choppy sea 

Richard Cressey: Junior team coach

BTF triathlon coach level  2 

Why do you coach:  A long time ago, I had lots of people investing time in helping me become a decent runner. My daughter joined NTri and before you know it I am helping out at run sessions and have qualified as a level 2 coach! It is very rewarding to see triathletes at all levels improve and have fun. I think it is really import to help and encourage others to achieve their goals.

Likes:  Warm Days, shopping for random bike bits 

Dislikes:  Mushrooms

Gillie Williams: Junior team coach

BTF Triathlon coach level1

Why do you coach:  I have been involved with Northants Tri for 10 years, bring my 2 sons  to the running and swimming regularly with Val and Gavin. I was 'encouraged' to run with them and I also joined independently  to improve my swimming and understand what the kids had to do in triathlon.  Boy that transition is hard! I was junior club secretary for a few years helping to keep the club going and I joined sessions regularly as a cheer leader. Coaching has been a natural step to understand not only the meachnics but how to get the best out of the athletes. Seeing the difference that coaches make to children's abilities, watching my boys improve and blossom has want me to mirror that. My aim is to keeping kids healthy, encourage, inspire, support but make sure they have fun.

Likes: The feeling at the end of an event

Dislikes:  The feeling at the start of the event

Nicola Griffiths: Junior team coach

BTF Triathlon coach level 1

Why do you coach:  I never intended to become a coach, wasn’t on my life plan list! i was accidental: I wanted my Son to become involved in Triathlon to build his overall confidence and fitness. Watching the sessions each week, it felt like a natural progression to become more involved and that led to me qualifying as a coach.

Being able to encourage our junior athletes at all levels of fitness, ability and confidence, seeing them grow and develop is great fun and a hugely rewarding experience.

Likes: Sunshine and holidays 😎

Dislikes:  Ice-cream 🤢