Nick Whiffin

Nick Whiffin

How did you get into Triathlon ?
I have tried my hand at a number of fitness regimes and sports from playing rugby, running and attending the gym although I never really stuck at one thing long enough to get good at it. Then sadly in 2014 a friend and work colleague suffered an asthma attack causing life changing brain damage.

At the end of 2014 I decided I wanted to do something to raise more awareness of Asthma and the effects it can have on not only the people who have it, but also there friends and family. The challenge I set myself was to compete in a different event each month for the whole of 2015 raising money for Asthma UK. July was a Triathlon (one of the most daunting events I had chosen) This was something I thought I was never going to be able to do.

After being advised to try our open water swimming before I raced (some of the best advise I have been given) by Jonathan Mills. I met up with some of the Titans at Cliff lakes and from the moment I jumped into the water I was hooked… What a thrill it was to swim in the Lake, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

Crossing the finish line in July I knew this was not the last time …

What was your first race ?

My first race was Birmingham Sprint Triathlon as part of my year of events for charity Asthma UK in 2015.

As soon as I crossed the finish line I knew I was hooked. The swim was great (apart from getting kicked in the face – I will explain later on!) My family was there cheering me on as I scrambled out of the lake and ran to get ready for the bike section of the race.

Off I went on my road bike round the 20k course in Sutton park. I had only been riding a road bike for 3 weeks prior to racing and was still getting used to the speed so was a little hesitant on some of the hills.

The run was great, some lovely views of the park and a great atmosphere given by the crowd.

I crossed the line at 1 hour 31min and was so happy that I had made it to the finish. A seriously great sense of achievement.

What has been your highlight so far ?

I signed up for Bosworth Olympic distance triathlon in 2016 to give myself a new harder challenge. Just before the event I fell ill and almost had to cancel, however on the morning of race I luckily felt much better and was able to race.

This was my biggest challenge so far and the feeling I got when I crossed the finish line was like something I had never experienced. I was almost brought to tears when I crossed the line and realised I had done it … My daughter (2 at the time) ran straight up to me a shouted well done daddy and that made every ache and pain worth while.

Always challenge yourself to achieve … It’s a great feeling when you do.

Is there a race you would recommend and why ?

Out of all the races I have done so far, BRAT Lichfield Sprit Triathlon stands out. This event is perfect for beginners or as part of your training for the season.

It’s a great atmosphere and everyone is extremely friendly. The swim is pool based, the bike course is a straight forward route giving you the chance to try out a few different techniques and the run is a few laps of the sports field to the finish line.

Definitely one to add to the diary.

Do you have one item of advice you wish to share ?

As I said earlier, I was a little overly keen in the water on my first Triathlon and ended up getting kicked in the face. My advise to anyone new to the sport would be to hold back a little on the swim. Get into your own space before you try to push for speed as it can get a little crowded with everyone fighting to get ahead at the start.

Tell us something non-triathlon related about you ?

I am a huge foodie, I love going out to different restaurants with my wife Abi and have been lucky enough to eat in some of the countries best restaurants thanks to her (I’m not to bad of a cook myself…when I can find the time)

I have a beautiful daughter Amelia who is my number 1 fan and has been to almost every race I have done to cheer me along.