Steve Broadrick

Steve Broadrick

Tell us little about yourself?

I work Trident Housing Association as one of their Surveyors.

Living in Kingsbury is ideal for getting to Tamworth and Birmingham (where I work)

My partners name is Karen and we`ve been together for nearly four years. I have two adult children Jodie and Tom and two Grandchildren Willow & George.

No pets but I like dogs.

How did you get into Triathlon?

It was approximately 6 years, around August and my memory is a little sketchy but it goes that myself and Daughter were watching TV, probably the Olympics and we were enthralled by a triathlon event happening live. When it finished we both looked at each other and asked the same question `do you think you could do a triathlon`? 6 weeks later after we did our first `Bosworth Sprint Triathlon` we both finished. smitten wanting to do it again, but it was then end of the season so took to training ready for the next year.

What is it you love about Triathlon?

Triathlon is a multi-facetted sport. I would never want to solely just run, swim or cycle bringing all these elements together along with the transitions highlights the `strategy & endurance` element 

Is there a race you would recommend?

For two seasons I competed in `The Castle Series`. They are good value, well organised, spread across some in some of the most beautiful areas of England. They also have events in Ireland and France. It was so easy to book online all your events from May through to September in one go `sorted`.

I also like Ironman Events. They are such a strong brand bringing together elite competitors and hopefuls like me.

Have you suffered a mishap or funny situation leading up to or during a race?

On my first triathlon, I remember hobbling exhausted across painful stony ground to be told I had entered the transition area the wrong way from the swim, to then run trough with my bike looking for the exit unaware I was wearing the wrong shoes only to find out on the exit when this pointed out by a marshal.

Do you have a favourite piece of race kit?

Haven`t really got a favourite piece of race kit but I` really impressed with my compression calve stockings and I`m currently looking at neoprene swim shorts.

What is your personal sporting highlight or achievement?

Sub 2 hour half marathon. Finishing Ironman Turkey·

How many finishers medals have you got?

25 and I’ve kept all my race numbers!

Do you have a dream or bucket list event?

Finishing IM Majorca 2019. Attending IM long course weekend along with other Titan members.

When not training or competing what other hobbies/interests do you have?

I enjoy a good walk, we have a fantastic park here in Kingsbury. I have enjoyed MTB for many years at Cannock Chase. On a regular basis on a Sunday morning, you will find me riding and eating cake over that way. Family matters and I love to see my Grandchildren as often as I can.

I`m a keen rugby fan and for the previous two seasons I was a Wasps season ticket holder.

I`m also involved with the Titans Committee assisting the `Media Team`

Which sportsperson do you admire and why?

I found this the most difficult question to answer of all. There are so many worthy of sportspeople historical and modern. So I`m going for `Mo Farah` a British Muslim who has delighted me with his immense strength of mind, in particular at major international events where he was knocked down onto the track then got up to not only finish races but win … extraordinary!