Ryan Hawtin

Ryan Hawtin

Tell us little about yourself?

I’m from Leicestershire originally, but went to university in Birmingham and ended up sticking around after. I work as a Marketing Manager and live in Fazeley with my girlfriend Laura and Tommy the cat.

How did you get into Triathlon?

I’ve been road cycling for many years and got into running in 2017, Triathlon seemed like a good way to mix the two, despite not being able to swim!

What is it you love about Triathlon?

It offers a good amount of variety as there is always something new to focus on and many things to improve. Triathletes are also a really welcoming group of people, there is no elitism and they are always happy to offer advice to help newcomers get into the sport.

Is there a race you would recommend?

The Coventry Sprint Triathlon is a really good, inclusive and well run event. I’d also really recommend the Kingsbury Classic 10k, nice and local and its great to have a race on a weekday evening.

Have you suffered a mishap or funny situation leading up to or during a race?

A whack in the face during the swim lead to a random nosebleed in the middle of the bike, it wouldn’t stop and I didn’t want to get blood all over my bike and new Tri-suit I had to make a quick pit-stop at a petrol station on the route to grab some tissue!

Do you have a favourite piece of race kit?

I like to be organised so my transition bag helps to keep everything together and take away the race day stress.

What is your personal sporting highlight or achievement?

Completing the London Marathon in 2017, my first running event and something I never thought I’d be able to achieve.

Do you have a dream or bucket list event?

I like big city marathons and want to tick off all six marathon majors (so far I’ve done two).

How many finishers medals have you got?

Maybe a dozen, its funny as I always visualize getting my hands on the medal when training and racing, but don’t give them a second look afterwards!

When not training or competing what other hobbies / interests do you have?

My main hobby is film and I try to get to the cinema at least once a week to keep up with new releases. I’m also a big fan of professional cycling and enjoy travelling to races, in 2018 I got to spend a week in the Alps following the Tour de France every day, the atmosphere at the roadside was incredible.

Which sportsperson do you admire and why?

Slovakian Cyclist Peter Sagan, aside from being a great character he’s had some incredible achievements on the bike and is always entertaining to watch race.