Brick Sessions are held at Castle Combe Circuit fortnightly in the summer months.

Group Bike Rides are organised through our Facebook page.

Zwift Racing League is a fun way to train during colder months inside, this is normally on a Tuesday night.  Races can either start at 6:30pm, 7pm or 7:30pm depending on a teams division.

4 riders must be available for a team and you must have a Zwift Power and WTRL account set up.

Riders are grouped and race by Zwift Power category.

Your ZwiftPower category is calculated based on averaging the w/kg and functional threshold power (FTP) from your best three races within the last 90 days

More info on the Zwift Racing League (ZRL)

Contact Neil Perry (Team Manager) if you want to be a Team Captain or ride for a team.

Zwift Group Workouts are held on a Thursday night between 6:30pm lasting around 1hr or more.

See events organised through our Facebook page.

For any more bike information and training please visit Chippenham Wheelers website.