Children and young people are the future of our sport! We enthusiastically encourage all ages (6-16) to participate in triathlon, irrespective of ability. While we encourage a fun environment, we do however expect all children to try their best to ensure everyone gets the most out of the sessions (refer to the Code of Conduct). For clarity we cater for the age groups as defined by British Triathlon (see below), where ages are based on age on December 31st in the year of competition.

Chippenham Tristars - Running, Cycling and Transitions

This will take place at Sheldon School in Chippenham 15:00 – 16:00 on a Saturday. Please bring a well-maintained bike (mountain bikes are fine!)- brakes which work and tyres pumped up! Please wear a helmet, otherwise you won’t be allowed to join in. Please always bring a drink in a suitable container. If light rain/drizzle it will be just a run session; the session will be cancelled if heavy rain.

Chippenham Tristars - Cycling Training

We encourage all members to attend the Chippenham Wheelers Young Wheelers “Go Ride” sessions (Thurs 6 – 7 pm). Youth races (Thurs 7pm) and Youth time trials (Tues 6pm) at Castle Combe from April.

Chippenham Tristars - Swimming Training

Swimming training takes place once a month at Olympiad Leisure Center, please contact Nikki Capp for further details.

It is really important to get a good swim background at a young age, so do make use of the coaching at the swim clubs:  Chippenham Swimming Club / Corsham Swimming Club etc