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Club Championship 2023 – Format and Scoring

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Welcome to the Club Championship 2023 – We have included 7 races this year (4 x sprint, 2 x standard and 1 x middle) to give members plenty of flexibility in selecting races. We hope the format will attract large numbers of orange and blue to all events throughout the year, particularly with the added incentive of a £500 prize fund to be shared amongst award winners . Good luck and happy training!


  • Provide a means of bringing the club members together through having a common focus of friendly competition
  • Provide a greater incentive for participating in target races
  • Encourage beginners to take their first steps into competition
  • Turn up to events on mass wearing the Orange & Blue’ thereby advertising the club and its members


The championship will run from April to October and is open to all members of the triathlon club (i.e. a paid membership to the Triathlon club).


A summary of championship events is shown here Club Championship and Events; full details are contained in the ‘Chippenham Tri Club Championship Events 2023’ spreadsheet (located on Chippenham Triathlon Facebook page under Files).  We have tried to find a good mix of local events, both triathlon and duathlon, and one ‘away’ event. Should any event be cancelled we will try and substitute a similar event if it is not too late in the day.

You can choose to enter as many or as few events as you wish, the championship standings will be based on your 5 best scores (4 best triathlons and one best Chippenham Tri duathlon).

You will be responsible for entering the events you choose in the normal way with the organisers. Don’t forget to list your club as “Chippenham Tri”. Take advantage of the discount codes where applicable.

Whilst the Championship Administrators will endeavour to check the results from a qualifying race it is your responsibility to let us know if you qualify for any bonus points from age group position or triathlon debut.

Scoring System

Championship points will be awarded to all Chippenham Triathlon competitors who finish a qualifying event:

1. Points awarded associated with your finishing position compared to other Chippenham Tri championship competitors in your category (Male/Female).

Overall position in either Male or Female category

  • 1st position - 10 points
  • 2nd position - 9 points
  • 3rd position - 8 points
  • 4th position - 7 points
  • Etc.
  • 10th position & onwards - 1 point

2. Five bonus points awarded for winning an Age Group category (only scored when competing in a championship triathlon race (duathlons not included)).

3. Bonus Points are also available throughout the year as detailed below:

  • Participation in National Club Relays: 26th August - National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham - 5 bonus points
  • Triathlon Debut: First ever triathlon only (never completed a triathlon of any length before) - 5 bonus points
  • Long-distance/Ironman: Completing an Ironman/full-distance event - 5 bonus points
  • Chippenham Tri Final Duathlon Race in the series: 3 bonus points

Summary of Qualifying Events

  • Triathlons – Best 4 count
  • Duathlons - Chippenham Tri Duathlons. Best Time counts

View Club Championship and Events