Pool Swim

Pool Swim

Everyone Active in Hemel Hempstead every monday evening at 8.30pm. This is a one hour coached session by Head Coach Jo Watkinson.

No need to book this with us, just book the masters swim session directy with Everyone Active on their app or website. There are 12 places available every week, so book early. If you are an Everyone Active member these sessions are free. If you are not a member you can pay per swim session and also get a swim only membership if you don't wish to use the gym.

Book on the EA website here

You will be given support with technique and drills, plus be given advice on what to expect when swimming in open water and at triathlons.  Don't worry if you are just getting back into the water after being out of the water for a long time - we will help you!


We do a lot of technique work and use the equipment below to help focus on specific areas.  These will make very handy additions to your kit bag.  If you want to try before you buy, we do have a few spares, but it would be useful to have the equipment below.


Assists with propultion during drills

Agility paddles:

Resistance paddles for strength work and promote hand position

Pull Buoy:

Used when we focus on upper arm technique work