Tri Speak

Wondering what the 'washing machine' is, or where to find your M-dot?! Make things easy with our guide to common tri terms...

'A'-RACE - The most important race of your season.

AGE-GROUPER - Non-pro traithlete (most of us!)

AEROBIC - Aerobic exercise involves or improves oxygen consumption by the body.

ANAEROBIC - How much energy your body can produce without using oxygen.

BILATERAL BREATHING - Breathing every 3 strokes when swimming.

BONKING - Running out of energy mid-race or training session.

BRICK SESSION - When you 'brick' two disciplines together (e.g. bike & run) usually during training

CARB-LOADING - Eating a carb-heavy meal prior to a race to boost energy.

CATCH - The part of the swim stroke where you pull on the water.

DNS/DNF/DQ - Did not start/Did not finish/Disqualified.

DRAFTING - Hitching a ride on someone else's slipstream in the bike or swim.

DUATHLON - Usually a run/bike/run format.

ELITE - Another word for a 'pro' - e.g. the Brownlees.

HIT - High-intensity training.

HRMAX - Your maximum heart rate.

HYPONATRAMIA - A deficiency of sofium in the blood.

INTERVALS - Intensive training using repeated on/off efforts.

LACTIC ACID - Produced in high-intensity workouts, it can inhibit oxygen movement around the body and slow you down.

MAIN SET - A block lasting 40-50% of a session where the heart rate is elevated.

M-DOT - Abbreviation for Ironman logo - often seen as a tattoo!

OVERPRONATION - Foot rolls inwards on impact rather than outwards.

OVERTRAINING - Common symptoms of training too much with inefficient recovery include insomnia, headaches, moodiness, loss of enthusiasm and incresed illness due to a suppressed immune system.

PB - Personal Best.

PULL - The mid part of the swim stroke where the hands and arms accelarate using the purchase from the catch.

REPS - Pre-fixed distances covered and pre-fixed recoveries maintained.

RESR INTERVAL (RI) - Period of rest between reps.

SIGHTING - Looking ahead/at an object while swimming to keep on course.

T1/T2 'Transition 1' (swim to bike) and 'Transition 2' (bike to run).

TAPER - Reducing your training in the days just before your big race.

THRESHOLD RUN - A run at about 80% of your max heart rate for no more than 20mins.

TIME TRIALS - A set-distance session, where the aim is to swim as fast as you can over the allotted distance.

TRANSITION AREA - The place where you rack your bike and swap kit between discipline.

TRI-BARS - Also known as aerobars, they help you race aerodynamically.

TUMBLE TURN - Fast way of turning at the pool wall by performing a forward roll, push off and a twist to return to the initial stroke position.

TURBO TRAINER - A frame that attaches to your bike, turning it into a static trainer.

VO2 MAX - A measure of the body's maximal ability to use oxygen to produce energy.

WAVES - The groups which triathletes are put in to start a race, usually spilt by age.