Our key cycle session is:

Sunday ride

Road bikes are generally faster on the roads due to elements such as their lightness, gearing and narrower tyres. This group normally rides in batches of up to 8 people at a speed of 14mph plus. We initially follow a loop of around 15 miles to cater for developing riders and then we extend this for those who want to go further or practice a certain skills such as hill climbing.

As we get more ride leads (get in touch with me if you can help) then we can cater for more varied groups and distances.

New to cycling

We continue to encourage people to take up cycling and become more confident. Not just for the benefit of triathlon but also the wider community and the environment. We also accept that people may already have or can borrow a non-road bike and want to give triathlon a go with that first before committing to buying a road bike.

The 'Any Bike' group generally rides a 8-15 mile route along the local cycle paths and on quiter roads so that people can focus on the skills of riding rather than surrounding traffic to become confident. An example ride is to go from Nantwich baths carpark, along the Middlewich Road cycle paths to Crewe Park and then back into Nantwich for a coffee/cake on Nantwich Square.

If you enjoy the anybike group then there is no reason why you cannot continue with this group and encourage others into cycling if you want to.  Cycling should be enjoyable.

If you do not have a bike then the club has a partnership with Community Recycle Cycles in Crewe who take in unwanted bikes and restore them before reselling to recover the costs. Adult bikes there start from around £50 and availability depends on what they have at the time.

Other Sessions

As we get more members willing to lead cycle rides then we can offer more rides and variety of training like evening rides in spring and summer or even spin classes in winter months. Contact us if you would like to try ride leading as BTF-level training and support will be given.