Swim training

Our swim sessions consist of pool training and open water swimming. They are pay-as-you-go based on the venues cost although we do try to obtain a club member rate.

Athlete-Focused Pool Swimming 

These are designed to improve your technique, speed and skills. The usual swim stroke used in triathlon is front crawl although you will see people in triathlons using breaststroke. Like BTF we follow the Swimsmooth coaching approach to swimming.

Most indoor pool swimming is in the Lane swim sessions at Nantwich pool. We meet and swim together on:

- Monday and Wednesday mornings from around 6.30am until 7.45am

Open water swimming

There are two lakes fairly near to Nantwich which offer a number of session times. It's good to swim in a few places to develop your swimming skills.

Alderford Lake (Whitchurch)

Wild Shore Delamere

Sea Swimming

North Wales has a number of excellent options for those wanting to venture further and the club will organise some swims with other clubs in these areas. These are great for a sense of adventure and to really enjoy swimming.

Colwyn Bay has sea swimming on Saturday mornings. It also has a public shower on the prom so it is a good place to swim, do a run by the sea and then take yourself or the family into Wales for a day out on the coast. North Wales Bluetits

Snowdonia Wild Swimming also holds some swims in the lakes near to the mountains  Snowdonia WIld Swimming