Strength and Flexibility

Strength and Flexibility

On Tuesdays (winter) and Thursdays (all year) at 6.30pm we hold circuit training online via Google Meet which gives the whole body a workout over a 45 minute period. It's a lot like a Joe Wicks session with exercises which benefit triathlon sports.

All you need is:

- A little space at home

- Your phone/tablet/laptop

- A drink of water

- A towel


A stronger body helps to reduce injury and improves overall performance and health. These sessions are very convenient and effective because they are easy to bespoke to an athletes ability and can be done almost anywhere.


A typical session intends to improve joint mobility, body strength and flexibility. In this example there's: 

-A five minute warm-up to mobilise the joints and elevate the heart rate, followed by a rest

-Three main sets of exercises where you work for 30 seconds followed by a 30 seconds rest or you can do 40 on 20 off. You rest one minute at the end of each set before you go again.

- A five minute cool down of light yoga type exercises and breathing techniques to restore your heart rate.