Zwift WTRL Team Time Trial

NTri have been going from Strength to Strength in the Zwift WTRL Team Time Trial with 3 teams in three different classes.

Ntri 1 in the highly competitive Frappe class with our strongest cyclists moving up through the leaderboard pushing between 275 and 300w for an hour.

NTri 2 have now broken into the top half of the Latte class with the likes of Jennifer Ann Kirby, Liv Thompson and Lindsay Scott regularly handing it to the guys and with Mark Greenwell coming up from Ntri 3 with a superb first ride providing the extra power they needed.

Then there is NTri 3 designed to be a team for new members to find their racing legs run by the most experienced member Bob Gordon. Team 3 have had a mighty rise through the ranks over the last few weeks having been boosted by the arrival of Charlie Cook Morris Neil Andrews, Steve Martin and Alex Bulger. NTri 3’s performance has not gone unnoticed as the WTRL have invited them into the Mocha class Premier League which broadcasts live on Facebook with full commentary from 18.15. A much tough prospect I’m sure but not one Bob and his team will take lying down.

Please watch and support the team, details for the live stream:

There are still places in each team for interested people wanting to give it a go.

NTri 1 Lee Pyke, Tim Webster, Matt Howes, Matt Reamsbottom, Matt Dine & Adam Haley.

NTri 2 Alex Nau, Christian Vann, Liv Thompson, Oliver Pearson, Mark Greenwell, Lindsay Scott & Jennifer Anne Kirby.

NTri 3 Bob Gordon, Neil Andrews, Steve Martin, Guy Bailey, Alex Bulger, Charlie Cook Morris & Jon Overman.