Mark Taylor - Head Coach

“I like to believe it’s where we go and how we get there that is more key than where we have been.”

I am driven to be the best that I can be. A goal is only a parameter that we set and we have to keep moving these goals in order to achieve.

Being the head coach of CE I feel this journey can be shared. We all have goals, dreams and aspirations. Being a part of a team I feel that We can help members achieve what was once unachievable, possible.

Andy Pettit - Level 2 BTF Coach

I’ve been keen on sport since school. I have enjoyed its physical and psychological benefits on and off for all my adult life. Triathlon was a 40th birthday challenge and I was hooked, the mixture of sports is great.

I’ve been coaching for about 5 years. I feel most comfortable with swim coaching (pool or open water) but running, cycling and strength and conditioning are all fun too.

Emma Green - Level 2 BTF Coach

I competed in my first triathlon in 2011 after watching a work colleague complete an Olympic distance race the year before for charity.

I wish back then I had a club like Craven Energy to lend a supportive ear and help improve my swim, instead I learnt the hard way, on my own, taking in a lot of water!. Still, I completed my first Olympic distance months later in a pretty decent time and haven’t looked back since. Subsequently I have completed numerous, sprint, Olympic distance, duathlon and aqualathon races and still enjoy every race like the first (albeit I don’t swallow quite as much water!).

I decided to start coaching in 2015 and have subsequently completed my level 1 and level 2 BTF coaching qualifications. I primarily coach junior track on a Tuesday night but have experience coaching all three disciplines plus transition training.

Adrian Dunbar - Level 2 BTF Coach

In a previous life I was a GP for 22 years. I then worked in musculoskeletal medicine for 13 years. My medical interests were chronic pain, back pain and sports injuries.

My sporting career began with running and orienteering, mainly on the fells. Running injuries led me into cycling and when my children joined the swimming club instead of watching from the side I got in the pool and joined them. Triathlon followed in the early 1990s.

As a runner, particularly on the fells, I found that my talents were not for short fast events and I gradually worked up to marathon and ultra events where I could plod all day at my own pace. So it became with triathlon. I have completed 4 Ironman events and many 70.3s.

When I retired from work I wanted to give something back to the sport I have loved for the last 25 years and so decided to become a coach. As a coach I have a particular interest in helping the more mature athlete improve their performance in triathlon

Paul Brewer - Level 1 BTF Coach

I am a relative late comer to Triathlon, completing my first Sprint Distance event when I was 32. I was very quickly hooked and within a couple of months of completing my first event I joined Craven Energy.

The sport gives me immense enjoyment and satisfaction, I love the training and learning all of the different technical skills and there is always something new to keep me interested. The people and camaraderie both at the Club and races have contributed to some of my best sporting experiences.

My progression into coaching was something I wanted to do to strengthen my connection with the sport and allow me to give something back to the Club, which has helped me so much.

Vicki Cook - Level 1 BTF Coach

Crazy busy mum of 3 teenagers, 2 huskies and trying to fit in training to do 2 Ironmen in 2021.

I first got the bug to do triathlons in 2019 and joined Craven Energy and not looked back!

I passed my Triathlon Coaching Course Level 1 in 2020 and almost through my level 2.

Overseeing the junior triathletes and enjoying creating fun training to encourage participation.

Dominic Kirkley - Level 1 BTF Coach

I qualified as a Level 1 Triathlon coach towards the end of 2020.

My Daughter Layla is a CE Junior member and keen triathlete (far better than me!) She essentially introduced me to the sport.

I've still much to achieve both personally in triathlon and as a coach. As many of the coaches will tell you, you never stop learning and I'm constantly researching to be the best version of me as an athlete and coach. I see myself as my own guinea pig where I'm putting the theories to the test in my own training.

I'm very keen to give as much back as I can and assist the excellent coaches at the club. I feel I can really help those new to the sport and to support the juniors with their development whether that is to keep fit or to achieve some further aspiration in the sport. I have a background in Strength and Conditioning which is a key "fourth discipline" to adding those marginal gains and prevention of injuries.

Rachel Smithies - Level 1 BTF Coach

I joined Craven Energy when I didn’t really know much about triathlon, at the age of 9. Since then the club has been a huge part of my life. I competed regularly in Yorkshire series junior triathlons and aquathlons and loved it

I’m not a serious athlete, I take part for the enjoyment and the challenge of this fantastic sport.

I was greatly inspired by my coaches as they encouraged me, helped me improve and develop my triathlon skills. I thought, “I want to do that.” In 2022 I completed my BTF level 1 coaching course.

I now coach junior run, junior bike, junior and adult swim sessions and absolutely love it. I hope to inspire juniors and make triathlon fun for all!

Mick Young - Level 1 BTF Coach

I undertook the BTF L1 coaching qualification so that I could better understand the coaching process as applied to triathletes. This developed to being one of the first coaches at the newly established Craven Energy multisport club. Over the years my passion within coaching has been to support a sense of enjoyment for junior triathletes in their development and training.

I mostly support L2 coaches in delivering fun as well as challenging training session for juniors, mostly with running and biking but occasionally I help support coaching activities in the pool and open water swimming.

It gives me great pleasure to see a smile on junior triathletes' faces when engaging in one of our coached sessions. Long may it continue.