Weekly bike sessions are held on Saturday mornings , please check the training schedule for timings and location.

Our regular venue is at Computershare Car Park.

However, during dry weather summer months we train on the grass in Aireville Park, and also on colder winter days (when snow is on the ground!) we head to the more wooded area of the park to develop off-road riding skills.  The winter park sessions are most suited to a mountain bike or a bike with good cross tyres.

Participants are asked to ensure that their bicycles are in proper working order prior to attending any session.

Coaches can offer advice on bike suitability especially when replacing a bike the child has grown out of. 

Participants are required to wear a safety helmet and suitable clothing for cycling and the expected weather conditions.

The aim of these sessions is to develop participants’ bike handling skills and cycling fitness so they have the skills necessary to participate in duathlons and triathlons. Running off the bike and efficient run-bike-run transitions are frequently practiced to develop these skills.

Off-road mountain biking, (family) road rides, and visits to Pendle Cycle track are organised intermittently through the year.

The youths also go on organised club rides with the Coaching team.