Executive Committee functions

The Executive Committee consists of 5 roles : Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership and Welfare, additionally we have a Vice-Chair who assists the Chair with the running of the Club.

  Name Position
Richard Wylde Craven Energy Chairman Richard Wylde

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Catherine Hill Craven Energy Vice Chair Catherine Hill

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Vice-Chair / Welfare

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Peter Simpson Craven Energy Secreatay Peter Simpson

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Club Secretary

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Andy Murray Craven Energy Membership Andy Murray

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Club Membership

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Yvonne Storr

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General Committee functions

The Non-Exec Committee has 4 additional members that help the Exec Committee with managing the club, supporting the various activities that we do and represent a broader voice of our general membership to assist the Committee with decision making.

  Name Position
Vicki Cook Kit Officer

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Elizabeth Scott Committee Support
Beth Laycock Committee Support
Alison Geldart Committee Support


Executive Commitee Members


Richard Wylde: Chairman

My adventure with Craven Energy Triathlon and Multisport Club started back in 2009 when the club moved from being something that was talked about into a reality, my original membership number is 6.!

Having spent a few years feeling a little lost within the large Leeds and Bradford Triathlon Club, the difference it made being part of a smaller, local club was fantastic. Though the main focus was triathlons, the multi - sport part was important and it was fun to take part in other sports under the CE banner. For example we competed in different types of endurance MTB races and I got my first (and only) podium as part of the CE team competing up in Fort William at the No Fuss Relentless 24 event, we came first much to the surprise of the locals!

For me, unfortunately the pressures of life took me away from the club and all sport at the end of 2012, however 3 years later my sons did their first junior triathlon and my adventure with the club started again.

I feel proud and privileged to be a member of such a wonderful club and I am aware that the reason the club is so successful is due to its dedicated, friendly and helpful members.

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Catherine Hill: Vice-Chair/Welfare

I'm an accidental triathlete...
After signing up to an open water swim in 2013 (which given I had only ever swum breastroke (badly!) on occasional trips to the pool, was surprising in itself... (and most likely due to having consumed a large amount of wine when the peer pressure was applied!) I joined the club purely to gain access to the open water swimming... but soon fell in love with the sport and the club!

From being a complete novice in 2013 I learnt how to swim front crawl, reintroduced cycling into my life I hadn't been on a bike since I was a child! and spent the first few years entering a range of triathlons and running events for fun, just enjoying the sport on a very social level before deciding to "actually train" and tackle my first Iron distance event in 2017.

I've since completed Ironman Wales and a few ultra run events. The club is not just for triathletes either so I have also found a love of all things outdoors including off road running, mountain biking and wild swimming since joining.

I can honestly say joining the club was a bit of a life changer for me. I've met the most amazing people and had the most fantastic adventures since joining!

I've been a committee member for a few years and currently hold the role of Welfare Officer and Vice Chair.

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Peter Simpson



Despite some cycling and running in my teens I didn't give Tri's a go until Skipton Tri in 2013.


I managed Skipton Tri at least once a year until 2017 when I was persuaded to put my cricket kit away and see if I could do a few more Tri's... and maybe learn how to swim with a little less splashing. Some friends being Craven Energy members suggested I join and I haven't looked back since - the coaches, the people, the camaraderie, the overall energy and sense of belonging are the best I've ever experienced in a Club!



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Andy Murray: Membership



I have been a member of the club for over 3 years during this time I have started from scratch learning to swim with the very patient coaches and cycling with other club members on club rides I have competed in many events from sprint to Ironman distance Triathlon.


I volunteered to be a member of the committee to give something back to the club, it's more than a club it's a family that welcomes everybody with open arms (they may talk you into doing crazy things out of comfort zones but the support is amazing )

I'm also partial to the odd cake stop in a group ride ..



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Yvonne Storr: Treasurer

I joined the club in 2016. Although I'd dabbled in the 3 disciplines separately over the years, I'd always said that I would love to take part in a triathlon one day - once I'd managed to become thin and fit!

I realised that this day may never come so took the plunge and joined the club and I'm so glad I did.

Craven Energy is an inclusive club and very supportive of everyone no matter what age, size, fitness or ability. Up to now I've competed in GoTri, Sprint and Olympic distance events. At this moment in time I can safely say that I have no wish to take on a full distance triathlon but whatever your own personal goals are, you're sure to find the necessary help and support from our qualified coaches and other club members.

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