Pool Based Swimming

The swim sessions are held on Saturdays 8:45am till 9:30am and are open to juniors who can swim a minimum of swim level 7 or 25m front crawl of a 25 metre pool.

Prior to the junior’s first session with the club we will normally ask the junior to attend a short swim assessment session (time and date confirmed with lead junior swim coach) to ensure the minimum swim standard is attained. Swim sessions are held at Craven Leisure Pool.

The aim of these sessions is to develop participants’ swimming skills, especially front crawl and provide suitable coaching that enable juniors to participate in pool-based triathlon.

Open Water Swimming

This takes place usually at the end of May or early June weather permitting until late August/early September. It takes place at a safe open water swim venue that has undergone a water safety check (water content analysis and risk assessment).

Open water swim coaching is available to juniors who regularly attend pool-based swims and have developed their front crawl skills. The aim of these sessions is to allow juniors to gain confidence in their ability to swim in an open water environment and to prepare them for open water triathlons, aquathlons and other open water swim events.

Craven Energy runs a scheme that supports juniors in hiring a wetsuit for the season.