Junior Squad

Junior Squad


The Junior Squad is led by dual-led by Head Coaches Chris and Andrew.

The juniors train twice a week, once at RAF Cranwell swimming pool and once at St George's School for land training.


The swim session is an hour in length and focuses all all strokes, to help develop well rounded athletes. When juniors join the Club, they will be given a trial session. To attend the swim sessions, juniors need to be able to swim 50m unaided.

The swimming sessions splits athletes into three groups, dependant on ability, with expert coaching delivered by Bev and Robert.  

Land sessions

Land sessions comprise of running, cycling, general conditioning and transition skills. Once a month, the parents of the juniors are invited to join the training for an adult versus children competition.

During the winter months, the training is completed inside in either the school gymnasium or assembly hall. As the weather improves, we head out onto the playing fields for a little more space.

Periodically, additional sessions are held with external training companies. In April, the Club is joining with Performance MTBUK to deliver an off-road cycle session for the Juniors at Sherwood Pines, generously funded by NK District Council.

Once a week, the Foster Cup is awarded to the junior triathlete of the week. This can be for effort, skill, or a combination of the two!  

The junior coaching team

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Andy -bottom left

Chris - bottom right

Bev - top right

Jen - top left