Accident Report Form

Accident Report Form

Accident/ Incident Report Form

This document can be used to record details of an accident/injury that occurred during a club activity.

It can be used for a coach’s or club’s own records in addition to any form completed by a venue.

It should be used to record an accident at the venue where there are no venue staff.

Remember to be discrete with information recorded and abide by UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Name of person:

(Enter name of affected person?


Home address

(of affected person, including postcode)


Contact details

(enter contact details of affected person)


Date and time of incident


Venue where incident occurred


Exact location of incident


Primary person dealing with incident

  • Venue staff
  • Coaching staff
  • Other

Name & Comments


Others involved in dealing with incident


Full description of incident


Cause of Incident


Injury Sustained (if any)


Initial Treatment (if any)


Any follow up actions

(taken by reporting person, e.g. logged with venue, informed parents, sent to hospital, how and with whom)


Person completing this report


Date of report