Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Tri 3 Sleaford Equality and Diversity Policy

Tri 3 Sleaford fully supports and endorses the British Triathlon Federations Equality and Diversity policy. Sport is for everyone to take part in and enjoy and the club is fully committed to providing access to multi-sport whether as a coach participant or volunteer, regardless of age, gender, disability, race, religion or sexual orientation.

As such, the club commits to:

• Encouraging equality and diversity. This will be demonstrated by all members and coaches and volunteers being treated fairly and given equal opportunities within the club.

• Ensuring the committee and those involved in delivering sessions undergo equality training where needed.

• Ensuring the club provide an environment free of bullying, harassment, victimisation, or discrimination and promotes dignity and respect for all.

• Correcting unacceptable behaviour.

• Ensuring that there is a clear and understandable method of reporting discrimination, bullying or harassment.

• Dealing with complaints thoroughly, quickly and confidentially.


Any complaints or concerns relating to diversity and equality should be passed to the welfare officer or any of the coaching staff.