Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy


1. Where possible Tri3 Sleaford will seek to resolve complaints informally at

volunteer officer or committee level.


2. Where a complaint cannot be resolved informally, a formal complaint should be made in writing to the Chair of the Tri3 Sleaford. Formal complaints will be investigated by an individual or panel appointed by the Committee unless the complaint relates to a member of the Committee in which case the Chair will decide on investigation. If the matter involves the Chair, the matter will be referred to the Triathlon England Regional Committee for advice.


3. It is intended that complaints procedures should be easily accessible, that all

complaints are fully and fairly investigated, and that the complaints process should provide an effective response and appropriate redress.


4. Tri3 Sleaford will respect complainants’ desire for confidentiality wherever



5. Tri3 Sleaford will use the feedback provided by both informal and formal

complaints to ensure that its systems and services are improved.


What is a Complaint?

6. A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction with the conduct of the organisation,

its committees, volunteer officers, athletes, or with alleged unfair practice in connection with the sport.


7. Grounds for a complaint shall include but shall not be limited to the following:

a. if the conduct of any individual, body, or organisation brings or is likely to bring the sport into


b. the violation of Tri3 Sleaford regulations

c. a breach of any of the Rules or Codes of Conduct applicable from time to time to Tri3 Sleaford activities or members


8. A Complaint may be made by:

a. a member of Tri3 Sleaford,

b. the parent of or other person with parental responsibility for a member of

Tri3 Sleaford, under the age of 18 years on his/her behalf

c a committee of Tri3 Sleaford through its Chair or other officer acting on its


d. a person working for or on behalf of the Tri3 Sleaford; or any third party

where the complaint concerns Tri3 Sleaford, its members or its activities


9. No complaints may be made under this policy regarding decisions made by referees

at competitions held under the jurisdiction of Tri3 Sleaford or decisions regarding team

or squad selections. Appeals procedures exist in respect of these matters.


Informal Complaint

10. It is clearly desirable for any complaint to be resolved informally where possible and it is hoped that every attempt will be made to achieve this. An informal complaint can be made either verbally or in writing to the appropriate staff member, volunteer officer or committee of Tri3 Sleaford. Every effort will be made to resolve informal complaints to the satisfaction of the complainant. Where it has not been possible to resolve the matter informally, the Complaints Procedure should be invoked. The request should be made in writing to the Chair. If the complaint concerns the Chair the complaint should be made to the Triathlon England Regional Manager.


Formal Complaint

11. A formal complaint should be made in writing to the Chair where a complaint has not been resolved informally or where the matter is of a serious nature. Complaints of a serious nature would include gross misconduct, negligence or matters concerning the protection of young people or vulnerable adults. A written complaint shall only be considered if it includes the name, address and signature of the complainant. Verbal and anonymous complaints shall be disregarded.