We hold two cycle training sessions a week for seniors (aged 18 or over) – a long, steady, ride on Saturday mornings to build base miles and a mid-week session on Tuesdays evenings to build power and speed. 

For juniors we run a separate programme of skills sessions, turbo training and family rides. 

Saturday steady rides

We ride on Saturday mornings for a steady, social ride in the Staffordshire / Cheshire / Derbyshire / Shropshire countryside, keeping to quiet lanes where possible. 

We usually run three groups: a short steady ride, a longer steady ride and a faster pace ride.

On the first Saturday of the month we offer the opportunity for steady riders to challenge themselves by swapping groups at the café stop half way round.

Long, steady, rides will improve your endurance, speed and bike handling skills in a group. Plus they are ideal for picking up tips and advice about cycling in general.

In the summer the short steady group will ride around 30 miles, the long steady group will do around 50 miles and the fast group will cover 40 to 50 miles. The steady group rides include a café stop but the fast group rides do not – so put a snack in your back pocket to keep going.

Expect to be riding between three and four hours, arriving back home between 12pm and 1pm.

In the winter the short steady group will ride around 30 miles, with a café stop, the long steady group will ride around 40 miles, with a cafe stop, and the fast group will cover 30 to 40 miles, without a café stop.

In the summer months we do occasional longer rides of up to 100 miles, or take part in local sportives. In the winter we swap road bikes occasionally for mountain bikes.

To make our group rides comfortable and as safe as possible we have put together some guidance on group riding etiquette. Please read this before coming out for the first time - but don't worry if you don't remember it all, you'll be given friendly advice on the ride while you learn how it's done.

Cyclists outside cafe

Tuesday summer rides

In the summer we alternate fortnightly between a chain gang ride and taking part in local time trials.

The chain gang works by the group riding two abreast. The outside line continually overtakes the inner line, meaning each rider gets a short turn on the front followed by some rest as they drop back.

The chain gang provides great training in bike handling, road discipline and endurance.

On the alternate weeks we encourage participation in Congleton Cycling Club’s summer time trial series. 

These events are usually 10 miles but some are 25 miles. The races are booked in advance on their website.

Arrive in time to collect your number, do a warm up and ride to the start. After the ride your time will be posted online.

Time trials provide great training for triathlon and duathlon.

We also run a Tuesday steady social ride of around 20 to 25 miles, exploring our local lanes at steady pace.

On a fine summer’s evening we’ll finish with an ice cream or a pint.

Look out for the schedule of rides in the weekly newsletter.

Winter mid-week training

In the winter 2021/22 we will run an interval turbo session on Thursday nights.

We ran turbo sessions via Zoom during the Covid-19 lockdown and found them very successful, so we plan to make these a permanent winter session.

We begin with a structured warm up before moving into a different interval session each week. These are focused on building strength, fitness and stamina. At the end of the session we cool down and stretch fully.

We will also organise Zwift meetups on another Tuesday nights during the winter.