The Club is managed by a committee which is elected at the annual general meeting.

The committee meets six weekly and is responsible for the club’s programme of activities, its finances and ensuring it meets the needs and wishes of members.

2022 committee members:

 Karen Dennett Chair - Karen Dennett                                       

Ken Matheson Vice Chair - Ken Matheson


  Lisa Adamson Secretary and social secretary  - Lisa Adamson

Nicola Hearson





Membership secretary - Nicola Hearson






 Treasurer - Mark Saggers                              

 Marie Bebbington Welfare Officer - Marie Bebbington

Julia Matheson Head Coach - Julia Matheson

Fiona Ridley Swim Lead - Fiona Ridley

Paul Adamson Junior coach - Paul Adamson                                 

Matt Jackson runningJunior coach - Matt Jackson

Michael Howard cycling Cycle lead and public relations officer - Mike Howard

Phil Rowley Kit Officer - Phil Rowley

Matt Harper Run lead - Matt Harper


Michelle MarshallWomen's club captain - Michelle Marshall 

Jason Riley runningMen's club captain - Jason Riley

John Braithwaite runningMembers' representative - John Braithwaite 


Mark Hatton runningMembers' representative - Mark Hatton