Training plans

Training plans

Follow NTC’s weekly training plans to get you ready for your next big challenge.

Designed by our level 3 head coach Julia Matheson, these plans will offer an ideal programme of preparation.

How to use the training plans

Use the plans to build your speed and endurance for:

  • Your first sprint triathlon
  • Olympic distance triathlon
  • Half “iron” or full “iron” distance
  • A marathon run

The training plans are designed around the time you can dedicated to training each week. They provide a variety of levels of intensity, time, speed and work on technique.

Training advice

Other advice to consider:

  • Have at least one day’s rest each week
  • Have one easy week per month 
  • Do not train when you are ill or injured 
  • If you need to change your schedule try to keep the same balance of training throughout the week 
  • Consider using your bike when commuting 
  • Write down a short term and long term goal 
  • Record your training activities in a simple training log 
  • Use a heart rate monitor to measure your effort levels
  • Train in groups for some sessions – particularly the longer/steady sessions 
  • Use a race bike for indoor sessions