Open water swimming advice

Open water swimming advice

Covid-19 safety measures

  • Pre-book swim session via our training page. Booking will be closed Wednesday at 9pm, and swimming will not be permitted if you have not booked your swim online.
  • Complete the online Risk awareness Declaration and Health Declaration (Adult and/or Junior) if you have not done so already.
  • Complete the Open Water Swim Participation Agreement 2021
  • Come ‘swim ready’ and be prepared to change in the car as there will be no changing facilities available. (You will have to zip up your own wetsuit). 
  • Please follow the one-way direction signs to the registration desk and enter and exit the swim as signposted. 
  • Social distancing measures will be in place. No spectators are allowed; the exception is juniors, who are allowed one parent (we hope to start juniors as usual in June when the water temperature increases.)
  • Toilets will be open

General advice for open water swimming

It's worth following this simple advice to ensure your open water swim is safe and enjoyable.

  • Cover all cuts and abrasions with sticking plaster. You should not consider swimming if you have deep cuts.
  • Wash hands in fresh water before eating after swimming.
  • Take a full shower at the earliest opportunity.
  • Try not to ingest water whilst swimming.
  • Don’t swim if you feel unwell.
  • Make sure you’re well fuelled and hydrated but allow a couple of hours before you swim if you’ve had a bigger meal.
  • Make sure you have well-fitting goggles and a swim hat.
  • You will require a wetsuit for water temperatures below 14 degrees.
  • Make sure you have warm clothes for after your swim.
  • Do not exceed your personal capabilities on the day of your swim; ‘if in doubt, don’t go out’!
  • Ensure you are present for the session briefing prior to entering the water.