From chief bag carrier to my first tri

By Beccy Oakes

Having watched Jacob compete at a junior level and then my husband Simon take the plunge I’ve been tempted myself to enter a triathlon for a while now. But I never previously had the confidence in myself to actually do it. 

I actually bought my trisuit in 2020 and bit the bullet by entering Burntwood Aquathlon but it was cancelled due to Covid and I have never been brave enough since to enter anything other than running races.  So Sunday was the first outing for my trisuit!!

Cheshire Triathlon I know from spectating and from other triathletes’ comments and experiences is an excellent event for a first tri so I decided that I was going to enter as a challenge for myself.

A woman with a bicycle wearing a medal















I also wanted to see if doing a triathlon was actually fun, like lots of NTC members and my family seem to think! I entered seven weeks before the actual event and tried to train consistently in all three disciplines.

However 99% of my biking was done on a turbo trainer and my training schedule was definitely more haphazard and less committed than others. My training was squeezed in around a busy family life, children’s sporting activities, work and of course wine!!

The triathlon itself is really well organized and even though I know a lot about the process and what is needed due to being chief bag carrier and organizer for Jacob the emails and instructions I received as a competitor were easy to follow and clear even if you didn’t have a clue!

The atmosphere on the day itself was fun and relaxed with lot of fellow competitors offering a friendly smile. Lots of people do this event as there first tri so there was definitely people racing who were as nervous as myself which helped.

Before I entered the pool I was really worried that I wouldn’t get round and I definitely had “I don’t want to do it” moments.

Once I started though I was fine and even though my swim was awful and the bike and run definitely hurt I actually really enjoyed it. That’s despite the fact it was so hot that I thought I would spontaneously combust.

Having my cheerleaders shouting me on definitely helped me to keep going even though it was strange them shouting me on for a change.

Two women swimming in a pool










The sense of personal achievement I felt crossing the line was brilliant. I certainly felt like I had challenged myself and achieved something and the pain and even today’s achey muscles are definitely worth it! 

Plus the medal is ace! 

I wish I had been braver sooner and honestly would say to anyone considering having a go to just do it. Also, there is always someone in the club who will have the answer to any question which helps a lot!!

Beccy's times were: swim 12:10, bike 53:27, run 28:20, total 1:37:58