My first aquathlon - by Teresa Swinnerton

Alexa woke me up at 6am to the sound of "Stitches" by Sean Mender, I jumped out of my triple bunk straight into my Tri suit! Breakfast was the usual - chocolate Spread on toast.

As always, I had wait for my brother and two younger sisters to get their coats and shoes on (aka leaving the house transition).

A young girl standing in a field wearing a hat

After arriving at Burntwood leisure centre I went to registration, got my race number, orange juice and Titan chocolate bar:) then headed out to transition to set out my towel, trainers and race belt!

Feeling a little nervous I went to the toilet and after bumped into Charlie, Francesca and Mia who gave me some words of encouragement.

I got myself ready, put on my goggles and I was given a green swim hat - not my favourite colour! I jumped in the pool, lane 5 and was given instructions to swim 6 lengths.

The whistle went and I swam 6 lengths,  before I knew it, I was out of the pool chucking off my hat and goggles and slipping on my trainers and race belt.

The first marshal told me where to run, 3 laps later I heard cheering as I crossed the finish line.

I was looking forward to eating my Titan chocolate bar and drinking my orange juice!